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 Following two successful documentaries focused on the proposed Scotchman Peaks Wilderness of Montana and Idaho, The Wildmen are now traveling far east to shed light on a very different but worthy story and movement, Akbar and the GUK.
The Story Bangladesh is a nation defined by human stories. It is a country sculpted both by unique environmental and political realities. In July 2014, Wildman Pictures will travel far east, to shed light on vulnerable communities in Bangladesh. Our film will report on the rural Charlands of Northern Bangladesh, where entire communities are being displaced by the ever-intensifying effects of climate change, to some of the largest cities in the world, where thousands struggle to survive without government assistance. Yet among the myriad of challenges they face, the Bangladeshi people are adapting – and in many ways – flourishing. Through innovations such as sustainable agriculture and microfinance, the Bangladeshi people shine as a beacon of resilience and human ingenuity. This is a story that must be shared with the world. Our project is designed to capture the untold stories of Bangladesh's struggle to cope with changing environmental and demographic conditions in the most densely populated nations on earth. Further, our film will document personal narratives of hope in the face of hopelessness, thus bringing into focus powerful examples of sustainable development and individual perseverance. As our project progresses, we welcome your partnership and support. Help transform this vision into a reality! Sincerely yours, The Wildman Team
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